Seminar and workshop on „Heavy rain and flash floods“ in Munich (2018)

On June 6th 2018, the DWA's Fachgemeinschaft Hydrologische Wissenschaften (FgHW) organized a seminar at the Oskar-von-Miller Forum in Munich on the initiative of the HiOS project. The one-day seminar was held under the motto "heavy rainfall and flash floods - recording, exploring, evaluating". The current state of research was presented in 15 presentations. These included radar-based products for preventive heavy rain risk management, weather conditions triggering flash floods, cooperatively organized civil protection and new monitoring and forecasting technologies for cooperative risk management. With 150 participants from universities, research institutes and authorities from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the seminar was a complete success.

In the following two-day workshop, organized by the HiOS project, the topics heavy rain and modeling of flash floods were discussed intensively. Here, the focus was on the exchange of experience at work level and networking. Topical problems and possible approaches were discussed in thematically divided working groups.

The combination of presentations during the seminar and in-depth discussion in the subsequent workshop was a complete success. Especially since, it was the first time that so many groups, working on the topics of heavy rainfall and flash floods, met for a common exchange.