Cancellation of TdH and EGU beacause of corona virus

Because of the pandemic situation both "Tag der Hydrologie" (TdH) and EGU 2020 were cancelled. Originally, the latest research results of Hios should have been presented by various contributions at both events.


Look for us at the TdH 2020

We will be present at the "Tag der Hydrologie" from March 31st to April 1st 2020 in Potsdam with four submissions:

26.11.2019: 13th Climate Conference of the German Weather Service in Offenbach

The annual climate conference organized by the German Weather Service this year focused on "heavy rainfall - from measurement to prevention". Among other interesting topics, the HiOS team was able to obtain information on new (radio-frequency data) and well-known (radar data) methods of measuring heavy rainfalls, as well as gaining insights into how other research groups create reference maps for heavy rainfall events.

09-10.10.2019: Meeting of LARSIM Developers Group in Karlsruhe

As half a year ago, HiOS project members presented new results of the project at a meeting of authorities involved in the application of LARSIM. Some advancements of the flood forecast model have been decided as well as further research questions.

07.09.2019: Presentation at the Esri User Conference in San Diego

From 8 to 12th of July, the Esri User Conference took place in San Diego, California. The Esri User Conference is the world's largest event on geographic information systems. This year's topic was "GIS - The Intelligent Nervous System". The HiOS project presented the current developments of the GIS tool to determining the flash flood hazard in cities.

28-29.03.2019: HiOS at the conference "Tag der Hydrologie" in Karlsruhe

This year the annually held "Tag der Hydrologie" dealt with the topic 'information & organization'. During the Night of Hydrology on Wednesday and the evening event on Thursday, the HiOS team met and discussed with other researchers. Also during the poster session there were interesting disucssions about the latest results of the hydrodynamic modelling. The two presented posters can be found under the Presentations + Posters tab.

22.03.2019: 3rd milestone meeting showed the project progress

On the 22nd of March 2019, the third milestone meeting was held at the LMU Munich's Department of Geography. The project group presented the most recent developments and results to representatives of the StMUV and LfU. The three working groups showed the great progress they were able to make in the last six months, and led to fruitful discussions in the group.

18.-20.03.2019: LARSIM for flash flood modeling – talk of the HiOS project at the International LARSIM User Conference 2019 in Wiesbaden

New results oft he HiOS project are presented at the multi-day annual International User Conference for LARSIM modelers. About 100 members of authorities, engineering offices and universities from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and France participate. The HiOS presentation has the title „The LARGE area runoff simulation model in small catchments – an inventory“ and focusses on the usability and the model set up in small catchments. An overview and most presentations can be found here.

25-26.02.2019: HiOS Article Wins 1st Place of Best Paper Award

From 25 to 26th February the symposium on “Climate Change and Natural Hazards: Coping with and Managing Hazards in the Context of a Changing Climate" took place in Padova, Italy. At the symposium, experts reported on the current and future management of natural hazards such as storms, landslides and flash floods. In addition to the hazard assessment and management, topics of risk information and communication were also discussed.