10/17/2017: Telemac User Conference (TUC) in Graz

On 17 and 18 October a user conference for the hydrodynamic model TELEMAC-2D took place with participants from all over the world. The model software is open source and HiOS uses TELEMAC-2D to simulate flash floods in urban areas. Various tools for the model were presented during the conference and a lively exchange of experiences took place.

09/11/2017: Lower Saxon water forum in Hildesheim: Extreme events in the water management - hazards and measures

Prof. Markus Disse gives a talk at the Lower Saxon water forum with the title "How vulnerable is the water management in terms of extreme weather events?". In addition, further interesting talks on the topic of heavy rain and flash floods are expected. Among other things, there will be a presentation about the KLIMPRAX-Starkregen project of the Hessian agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology.