07.-12.04.2019: HiOS at the EGU 2019

Three poster of the HiOS project were presented at the EGU 2019 in session HS4.1.3:

  • von Trentini et al. - Capabilities and limitations of a process-based hydrological model for flash flood simulation. The contribution of the working group Hydrology comprised first results of the hydrological modelling of flash floods applying the hydrological model WaSiM. The poster illustrated the methods applied for modelling of the Simbach flash flood event, results of the scaling and module tests as well as first results of the flash flood simulation using plausible parameters.
  • Pflugbeil et al. - Hydrodynamic simulation of the flash flood events in Baiersdorf and Simbach (Bavaria) – A model comparison. The poster showed a model comparison between four hydrodynamic models (TELEMAC-2D, HYDRO_AS-2D, P-DWave and FloodArea) in their suitability for flash flood modelling. It has been found that all models are generally suitable for this purpose and the decision must be made mainly because of existing resources.
  • Lin et al. - Uncertainty 1D-2D Coupled Models for Flash Flood Simulation with different rainfall boundary conditions (Kulmbach case study). The poster presented uncertainties in coupled 1D / 2D models with a surface (P-DWave) and sewer network model (SWMM).