Hydrological Modeling

Picture: Johannes Mitterer

The two hydrological models WaSiM (www.wasim.ch) and LARSIM (www.larsim.info) are used to assess and analyze the relevant factors promoting a flash flood or resulting in a severe course of an event. Furthermore, both models are tested for their ability to simulate flash floods in the scheduled catchments, what might lead to recommendations for one of the models in specific regions or catchments. The models will be applied on three recently by heavy precipitation and flash floods affected catchments: Simbach am Inn, Stöckach and Kulmbach. Additionally, efficient methods a widely global calibration will be developed and validated to cope with the amount of planned study areas. Once set up – the models will be used to simulate known historical flash flood events on the one hand, as well as the simulation of different precipitation scenarios on the other hand. Finally, the hydrological models are used to drive and set the boundary conditions for the hydrodynamic models, specifically oriented towards an effective interface in the model chain.

Picture: Sigrid Mitterer